A Look Back

There are some people working on the buildings who are new to the project and have never seen the buildings in their dilapidated glory. It’s hard to convey exactly how messed up these buildings were a year ago. I try using words like “uninhabitable” and “blighted,” but it really doesn’t do the job.

I decided to post some before/after pics to show the extreme transformation these buildings have gone through.

2nd Floor of 204

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Stairs and Concrete

We have stairs! Well, the beginning of stairs. Now we don’t have to use a ladder to get from floor to floor — much easier.

Stairs going to the 2nd floor of 204

204 basement before-after: Click to enlarge
We also now have concrete floors poured in the basements of both buildings. The basement of 206 used to have a dirt floor, now it will be usable space for storage. The basement of 204 will be the future YIKES conference room, kitchen and a bathroom.

And we have a roof

Framed in Roof
Framed in Roof - Photo by Marsha Martin of Greensaw
A new roof has been framed in.

Much of the rough framing has been completed. It is amazing to walk through doorways and see exactly where each room will be.

After Thanksgiving there will be major milestones like new windows and doors and a completed roof.

Soon, for the first time in who knows how many years, 204 and 206 East Girard Ave will be dry inside after it rains.

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Real Floors

I stopped by the buildings today to find real sub-floors being built.

2nd Floor of 204 before and after
2nd Floor of 204 before and after

I have to admit it made me feel, oddly, emotional. These buildings have been neglected for so many years. I recently learned they were drug houses in 2004 where you could rent a room for $25/week. It had to take decades of abuse and neglect to get the buildings to the state they were in when we bought them. And now, with floors starting to be framed out, we are changing their trajectory from decay to repair.

I know I have completely anthropomorphized these buildings, but I feel like they needed someone to recognize their potential, love them and bring them back to life. I am just amazed being able to walk on solid floor where there used to be giant holes from water damage.

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Dramatic change

Remember the before and after pics of the 3rd floor of 204?

204 3rd floor before and after
204 3rd floor before and after

Well, look at the 3rd floor of 204 now!

204 3rd floor
204 3rd floor, back wall-less and roofless