A Look Back

There are some people working on the buildings who are new to the project and have never seen the buildings in their dilapidated glory. It’s hard to convey exactly how messed up these buildings were a year ago. I try using words like “uninhabitable” and “blighted,” but it really doesn’t do the job.

I decided to post some before/after pics to show the extreme transformation these buildings have gone through.

2nd Floor of 204

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Front Windows

Front windows are in on the second and third floors. I think it makes the place look a little less abandoned. 🙂

It is pouring outside right now and I’m thinking it’s probably dry inside the buildings during a rainstorm for the first time in years.

Front windows in on the 2nd & 3rd floors.


The framers are out in full force, building back up ripped out walls and floors with lightning-fast speed. I swear, this morning I was visiting the buildings, wandered away for a few minutes from a floor-less section and then came back to see it half framed out. Amazing!

Framing out the 2nd floor of 204
Framing out the 2nd floor of 204

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