Video Blog Post #2

This week’s video features Leanne Krueger-Braneky, Executive Director, and Katie Bennett, Membership Associate, of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN). The SBN is a 500+ member business organization (YIKES is a proud member of) that brings together local leaders who share an interest in running successful companies that have a positive social and environmental impact.

Thanks, Leanne and Katie, for participating on our blog!

First Video Blog Post

Our Sales and Marketing Director, Jodie Fiorenza, has started putting together a series of video blog posts about YIKES and the buildings. Here is the first one, stay tuned for more videos in the upcoming weeks.

A Look Back

There are some people working on the buildings who are new to the project and have never seen the buildings in their dilapidated glory. It’s hard to convey exactly how messed up these buildings were a year ago. I try using words like “uninhabitable” and “blighted,” but it really doesn’t do the job.

I decided to post some before/after pics to show the extreme transformation these buildings have gone through.

2nd Floor of 204

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