Behind Bars

Scaffolding is up in front of the building. After this last piece of stucco work the building will no longer look abandoned 🙂

Façade work has begun


Batt on the left, Cellulose on the ceiling and Spray Foam on the right
Now that rough electrical/plumbing/HVAC is in we have moved on to insulation. This picture to the right shows the 3 kinds of insulation we are using in the buildings: Batt, Cellulose and Spray Foam. All are various types of green insulation.

Insulation plays a big part in our LEED renovation — the thermal envelope and draftiness of the buildings will have to pass the test to get to Platinum.

The Coal Cellar

The basement of 204 (where the YIKES kitchen and conference room will be) has a coal cellar which lives under the sidewalk in the front of the building. Pre-construction, I thought it was scary, but now that I feel confident it has been throughly explored and no skeletons have been found, I think it’s pretty cool to have this unique coal storage area that is probably well over 100 years old.

With the sidewalk busted up from the streetscaping, there is natural light temporarily streaming into the cellar through an old, broken pipe and a vent. When I peeked in and saw it, it motivated me to climb in (for the very first time) and take some pictures.

Check them out, they’re kinda cool. I really like the light inside the broken pipe next to the brand new water pipes. Click to see larger versions.

Broken Pipe
Old pipes
Old pipe and new pipes

Wide-view of the cellar