Old Sidewalks ripped out

There’s a lot going on at the site — not only inside the buildings, but outside on the sidewalk. East Girard Ave is undergoing some streetscaping. I am feeling a little spoiled that we will soon be enjoying brand new sidewalks when I know this project has been in the works for several years with many starts and stops, however I am psyched for a new pretty sidewalk.

On the back of the building, stucco work is in full force. Behold the transformative power of stucco…
Stucco in progress - Click to enlarge


Exterior work in the back of 206
Exterior work has started in the back of the buildings.

Scaffolding is up, the gross, vinyl siding is gone and now the walls are getting wrapped and prepared for stucco.

Also gone are the weed trees that were in the back of 206 and the side yard of 204.