Electrical boxes in the 2nd floor of 206
Rough electrical is going up in the buildings! Really, things are happening so quickly it’s almost shocking to see the buildings one day to the next.

  • Roofdecks are being framed in
  • The West wall of 204 has been torn down and built back up
  • Stairs to both basements are in
  • Concrete floors and walls and framing is up in both basements

Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.

Shoutout in Grid!

We love Grid Magazine! We are very happy to have a blurb under their “Green Building” section in the January 2011 issue. One quick correction: we are aiming to be Pennsylvania’s first LEED Platinum rehab (not the Nation’s). But then again, we may also be the first multi-family, mixed-use LEED Platinum project in US, so we might be the Nation’s first for something LEED-related. 🙂

Grid Magazine Blurb
Our project in the January 2011 issue of Grid - Click to see a larger version

Stairs and Concrete

We have stairs! Well, the beginning of stairs. Now we don’t have to use a ladder to get from floor to floor — much easier.

Stairs going to the 2nd floor of 204

204 basement before-after: Click to enlarge
We also now have concrete floors poured in the basements of both buildings. The basement of 206 used to have a dirt floor, now it will be usable space for storage. The basement of 204 will be the future YIKES conference room, kitchen and a bathroom.

Front Windows

Front windows are in on the second and third floors. I think it makes the place look a little less abandoned. 🙂

It is pouring outside right now and I’m thinking it’s probably dry inside the buildings during a rainstorm for the first time in years.

Front windows in on the 2nd & 3rd floors.