Hopalong Cassidy

There are layers and layers of cool wallpaper on some of the walls of these buildings. One of my favorites is in the very back room of the 2nd floor of 204.

I Googled “Hopalong Cassidy Wallpaper” and found out it was from the 1950s.

Hopalong Cassidy
Hopalong Cassidy

If I wanted to buy a roll I could for a mere $500.

Luckily Greensaw loves the old walls as much as we do, and they proposed the idea of “windows to history.” They will frame out a rectangle in the new walls exposing the old wall which they will preserve with a sealant. There will be 4 of these history windows throughout the buildings. I love that we’ll have these reminders of how the buildings looked when we saw them for the first time. They were a mess, but I still found a lot of the decay to be beautiful.

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